The Profile of W.O.N.

As W.O.N. grows, the website ( will be expanded.

The purpose of the website is to accomplish the following.

  1. Promote the interests of all members of W.O.N. to all other members of W.O.N., nonmembers, and the general public throughout the world.
  2. Provide a means of making referrals to reliable Notaries/lawyers in other jurisdictions and obtain referrals from other W.O.N. members.
  3. Raise the profile, both domestically and internationally, of you as a Notary and all other Notary members of W.O.N. in your country.
  4. Provide relevant information and education to W.O.N. members, especially in Common Law jurisdictions.
  5. Increase the flow of business and income to you as a Notary.