World Organisation of Notaries (WON) present and future

There is a great need for notaries worldwide to work together for the benefit of the profession and of the public that we serve. Education, sharing of knowledge and professional cooperation are very important. We operate worldwide. We experience similar challenges in various jurisdictions. When I was elected as president of WON, I and the other directors, put together a plan for the future development of WON. We have improved the website ( We now publish an online magazine Notary World. Over time these articles will be archived on our website and build into a useful resource. While WON is primarily based in Common Law jurisdictions, it is important that we work with notary organisation in Civil Law jurisdictions including UINL and CNUE. The international element of notarial work is of interest to WON and not the domestic areas of Civil Law notaries.

WON wants to initially extend membership to notarial organisations in Common Law jurisdictions. We will also work with other organisations for the benefit of all notaries and of the public that we serve. The structure of WON is straightforward. Each board member is appointed by their member organisation. We also welcome and have individual notaries as Associate Members whether or not their organisation is a member. I am grateful for all of the work done since the formation of WON particularly by Ken Sherk as inaugural president.

Where does WON go from here? I and the directors intend that we will

  1. Continue to develop the website.
  2. Regularly publish our online magazine Notary World containing articles of relevance to notaries worldwide.
  3. Extend our member organisations globally, particularly in Common Law Jurisdictions.
  4. Welcome new Associate Members.
  5. Develop educational support for our members and assist notariates in developing their own educational and diploma courses.

My hopes and the hopes of my fellow directors are ambitious but are worth working for. The future depends on the active participation of notaries throughout the world, whether by contributing articles or otherwise.

Leo Mangan.
President World Organisation of Notaries.