The Common Law Association of Notaries is an incorporated body that represents participating Notarial Organisations and Notaries from around the world.


The Association represents and assists Notarial Organisations, within their respective legal jurisdictions, in promoting the public’s employment of Notaries as trusted individuals for transacting and streamlining trade, business, commerce, and international matters.

The Association is committed to improving professional development of the Individual Notary and to the ongoing development of the Notarial Profession, within and among the jurisdictions subscribing to the ideals and objectives of the Association.


TO BRING TOGETHER, in an inclusive body, Notarial Organisations and Individual Notaries from around the world to share—between and among members in their relevant jurisdictions—the common goals of creating better Notarial Services and improving trade, business, commerce, and international matters.


  1. To promote and advance the provision of the highest standard of Notarial Practice throughout the world.
  2. To promote, develop, and facilitate more effective but secure means of trade, business, commerce, and international matters between and among member Notarial Organisations.
  3. To meet at least once each year to promote the Notarial Profession and educate and assist Member Notaries to better understand and implement the appropriate Notarial Practice and procedures required to conduct trade, business, commerce, and international matters around the world.
  4. To promote and develop common documentation, precedents, and Authentic Acts acceptable to all Members.
  5. To promote, develop, and implement new technologies to better communicate with and authenticate Notaries within Member Jurisdictions and to use new technologies to authenticate Notarial Instruments and Acts, with a view to increasing the efficiency of Notarial Services.
  6. To accept into the Association as full members all Notarial Organisations whose Members meet the education standards set by the Common Law Association of Notaries.
  7. To ensure Member Notarial Jurisdictions have in place appropriate legal education standards.
  8. To provide assistance to help improve the education standards of Notaries to an appropriate level, where necessary.
  9. To assist in the provision of continuing education programs to Members and increase the knowledge, skills, and proficiency of Notarial Practice that they offer throughout the world.
  10. To work in cooperation with Notaries and other Notarial Organisations around the world to promote raising the profiles of the Notarial Profession.