Membership in WON helps to raise profiles, to generate additional work and income, and to facilitate communication with and learning from other Notaries in Common Law jurisdictions

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank my fellow past and present Executive Members, Leo Mangan, Wayne Braid, Justin McKenna, Jim Sexton, Thomas Hoyle, Anthony Northey, Barry Holland, Richard Wilson, Stewart Germann, Paul Cariss, David Walsh and Peter Zablud, and those Individual Notaries that have supported me as President of WON since its inception in 2010. I have stepped down as Inaugural President and now hand over the reins of the Presidency to the ably qualified Leo Mangan of Dublin, Ireland. I am confident President Leo will continue to lead us to move WON forward and keep it relevant in member Common Law jurisdictions.

The role and importance of Notaries in the global economy is ever increasing as the world continues to look to Notaries as trusted individuals who are qualified to assist clients in a wide variety of legal transactions. Notarial work in our various member jurisdictions has been busier than ever and our role is becoming ever more critical to these legal transactions. WON is the conduit for Common Law Notary Organisations and Individual Notaries to maintain contact with each other to share information about their jurisdictions so that as a world body we can continue to be central to the dissemination of this information.

Notary World will further enhance the ability for all of us to have access to a library of articles and procedures which govern our respective locales. This new reference will assist all of us in preparing documentation for foreign jurisdictions and being aware of issues, legally and politically that may arise in the future. I urge those of you that have matters of interest to share or inform us of to be contributors to Notary World.

WON has and will continue to be well positioned as a World Organization to represent the interests of our Member Notariates and Individual Notaries.

I again thank you for the support shown me over the past eight years. I look forward to seeing many of you, for whom I have gained everlasting friendships, at future conference and meetings to be held in various locales over the coming years.

Cheers and Regards,

Ken Sherk
Inaugural President
Past President
World Organisation of Notaries