Membership fees

For the time being fees for membership are suspended. All notaries societies are encouraged to avail of this suspension and join.

Membership Criteria
  • Membership in W.O.N. is available to Notary Societies that represent properly qualified Notaries.
  • Individual Notaries who are members of the member countries organization are automatically enrolled as Associate Members. Membership in WON as an Associate member is available for individual members from countries that are not members of WON. An application for Associate membership is available on this website.
Benefits of Membership
  1. Entitlement to refer to being a member of W.O.N. and to use the W.O.N. logo on your promotional material
  2. Referrals from other W.O.N. members and the opportunity to make contact with those members and other jurisdictions when you need to carry out legal work in that jurisdiction
  3. The opportunity to attend W.O.N. conferences and seminars worldwide
  4. The opportunity to obtain the legal advice/assistance of other W.O.N. members in other jurisdictions
  5. Membership in an international body that is looking after and promoting your interests throughout the world
  6. Participation in the educational opportunities provided by W.O.N.