The Formation of W.O.N.  —  The Story So Far

W.O.N. was formed because Notaries in various jurisdictions who were not entitled to become members of any other international Notary associations were finding they needed international representation to promote their interests, generate additional work and income, and raise their profile on both the international and domestic scenes. While attending the 2009 annual national conference of the National Notaries Association (N.N.A.) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, The Notaries Society of England and Wales and The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (Canada) decided to promote the formation of W.O.N. A meeting and conference for potential members was arranged for October 2009 at the Leander Club, Henley -on-Thames, England. The turnout for the full-day programme for delegates was very good. A further conference was held in Dún Laoghaire County Dublin Ireland in Spring 2010, with an executive meeting in May 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then, Notarial bodies (Notaries Societies/Notariats) in various jurisdictions and individual Notaries in different countries have expressed considerable interest in joining and becoming actively involved with and supporting W.O.N. W.O.N.’s initial working capital has been injected by the three founding members. Their Seals are shown above: From left, The Notaries Society of England and Wales, The Faculty of Notaries Public of Ireland, and The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (Canada).