The Purpose of the Common Law Association of Notaries

The purpose is:

  • to bring together Notaries in jurisdictions that are in particular excluded from membership in the U.I.N.L. and C.N.U.E. (Conseils des Notariats de l’Union Européenne), and
  •  to promote member Notarial bodies and individual members.

The aim of the Association is to work in cooperation with the U.I.N.L, which principally represents Notaries in Code Napoléon countries and countries with Civil Law jurisdictions.

The Association welcomes Notariats and individual Notaries who are members of the U.I.N.L. and/or C.N.U.E. who share the same goals as the Association’s Members.

The Association is not intended to be an exclusive Notarial body. It will include members who are properly qualified Notaries in both Common Law and Civil Law jurisdictions.